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The group initiated formation of its activities with the vast exposure of its management team with a humble beginning by setting up 4B Industries in July 2002 to complement its existing distribution business which started in the late 70’s.

We believe in synergy and its limitless power of unifying. Our philosophy is not limited to our group alone but extends to the realms of customer/collaborator relations, investor interactions and into market trends, analysis and technological advances. It is the only way we ensure that when an endeavor is made by several different elements, the result is of a far higher quality than what could have been achieved by each element acting alone.

The group activities found its impetus with the acquisition of FALETTI’s Hotel property from the Privatization Commission – Government of Pakistan in July 2005 One of the groups major strength is its strong relationships with Chinese & European manufactures while ensuring sourcing for the open ended requirements of its customers.

As a facilitator, the group has ventured into providing the government with the latest Japanese technologies including level surveying equipment among others.

In addition the trading activities are being expanded to providing value for money in providing services and equipment to the telecom companies in the country.

There is also a prestigious joint venture with Defence Housing Authority Islamabad in collaboration with internationally acclaimed telecom player Teleste, Finland to organize, construct and operate a state-of-the-art broadband cable (HFC) facility which is currently in the offing.

The group office have also moved to one of the most sought after and prestigious locations in Lahore business circles at “Lahore Center”. A complete floor measuring more than 21000 square feet has been acquired on the 1st floor of this plaza and is now the Home to the 4B Group.


- 4B Telecom

- 4B Fertilizers

- 4B GENTEL International (Pvt.) Limited

- 4B Solutions (Pvt.) Limited

- 4B Marketing (Pvt.) Limited





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